Connect, Document Sets, Workflow Metadata

I’m once again writing to complain about the disconnect between Connect and Workflow Metadata. I have a job that Groups into Document Sets, based on Sheet Count: 1-8, 9-Largest.

I want to get a Document count, per Document Set.

What I expect is that, after the Create Job, I’d have a Metadata structure with one Group per Document Set, and then getting the count is very simple: Get Metadata Location, read the number of Documents in each Group.

But that doesn’t happen. Even with Grouping turned on, the Metadata file still has a single Group. This has been a bug/problem with Connect since day one. When will this be fixed?

And in the meantime, how would I got about getting a document count per Document Set?

This question has been posted previously in another thread. We will be providing a plug-in which will give you the majority of what you are looking for. This is scheduled for 2022.2.

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What plugin are you referring to here as its already v2023.2?


That’s the Job Report task, available in the Connect category in the Plug-in bar.

Make sure to read the documentation for the task because there’s a one-time setup that needs to be performed before using it.

Thanks Phil! Will check it out.