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Connect Engine Memory Settings

It was suggested to me, in order to handle a bug in Output Creation, to increase the amount of memory for the Weaver Engine to 5 or 6GB.

I’m running on a 32GB server, Windows 10. What are the recommended optimal memory settings? Our jobs run the gamut from small to very large, and in particular at this time of year, and with COVID a driving factor, we are running several very large jobs.

Here are my current memory settings and the default settings seem very, very low:


If I increase the Weaver Engine to 6GB ,and, just on a whim, increase the DataMapper Engine let’s say to 2GB and the Merge Engine to 2GB, is that too much? Will the OS run out of memory?

We have a server with similar configuration (Win 10, 32 GB, 4 cores). We use Connect to handle big jobs as well as a lot of super small requests.

DataMapper Engine (MB): 1024 (2 DM Engines)
Merge Engine (MB): 1024 (5 Merge Engines)
Weaver Engine (MB): 6144 (2 Weaver Engines)

We did not have any problems with that configuration. You just have to make sure that it fits with your parallel processing settings. If you have 5 parallel merge engines its an amount of 5120 MB and so on…