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Connect Output Variables

Hello all and Happy New Year,

When doing an output preset, under separation tab, when I separate by count, let’s say 2500 records, how can I output my files with the following output expression?

myfile 000001-002500.pdf
myfile 002501-005000.pdf

and so on…

Thank you for your help!


Thanks and same to you.

To get the desired output, it would be easier to make use of Connect Workflow along with Designer.

You can use Connect Designer to create the output PDF file, store it in a folder directory and then open the created PDF using a Folder Capture plugin within Workflow.

Once the template has been picked up, you can pick up a value using metadata from the PDF, rename the file based on the metadata (in this case, it would be renamed to “myfile…”) and you can then store the finished PDF in another directory or send to print.

I hope this helps.

Hi @butth,

Thank for your answer, but this is not what I was looking for.

I’m trying to understand and achieve if possible, the followings:

Based on this setting, I understand that I can output my pdfs separated by count, for example i’ll have 2500 records/documents per job segment. From my knowledge this option will output pdfs with the following output name, in this given scenario:

  1. myfile_01.pdf (job segment with 2500 records)
  2. myfile_02.pdf (job segment with 2500 records)

Please correct if I am wrong.

I need to know if there is a way to set my job job output mask in order to generate pdfs name with the sequence of records/documents by count,

myfile 000001-002500.pdf
myfile 002501-005000.pdf