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Convert HTML to PDF in Workflow with MS365 email input


I would like to know the best way to convert HTML body generated with the MS365 email input. Is it possible to do that in workflow without third party?

I receive an email always with the same format. It’s an email from a system who create service calls. I would like to know if it possible to convert the html file of the body generated by the task, to a PDF file.

Then I can use datamapper with the PDF to extract my informations I need in the email.

Do you have any recommendations?

Thank you very much!

Just to be sure…you want is the HTML to be interpreted into a PDF, like what the Connect server does?

If so I have an idea but don’t have any email received by the EMail 365 input plugin.
Can you share one with anonymized data?

I will try my idea and let you know the result.

Hi! Yes, I want a pdf generated with the content of the email.

Here is the original html from the MS365 email input task and a PDF with the result I’m searching to have. For now to make it I have used a third party tool FolderMill.

Html2pdf.zip (35.2 KB)

Or another idea… my goal is to extract data from the email. I think the best way is to make a PDF and capture data with datamapper.

I tried to convert the html into text with advance search and replace but the result is not very nice. Many white spaces and lines. I think the easy way is to convert to pdf but I’m open for another way too.

If all your emails are setup the same, that seem pretty straight forward to do. Below are the Datamapper and Template to generate your PDF. I tried it and it works.

Let me know if that works for you.

html.OL-datamapper (4.0 KB) html.OL-template (8.2 KB)

Thank you very much! I will try that… :slight_smile: