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Convert PDF to PostScript


I need to convert PDF files to PostScript in a Workflow process. The only way I know in PlanetPress Workflow is to output the PDF through a Windows printer driver but there I have to set a fixed page size. The challenge is to take over the page size of the PDF because every PDF can have a different page size.

Is there a way to convert PDF files to PostScript and keep the page size?
Maybe there`s an alternative way to convert PDF to PostScript in Workflow?

Every idea is welcome.


Have you tried using a Printer Queue Output to the PlanetPress Printer driver? It doesn’t require you to setup a default paper size as in the Print Using a Windows Driver plugin.

I have tried that before and now tried it again, but the result wont be PostScript, its PDF.

What I have done:

Process 1: Send PDF to Printer Queue Output (PlanetPress Printer driver).
Process 2: Capture print job from Windows printer queue (PlanetPress Printer) and output the result to a folder.

Begin of the resulted file:

e%-12345X@PJL ENTER LANGUAGE = PostScript
7 0 obj
<</Metadata 9 0 R/Pages 1 0 R/Type/Catalog>>

Maybe you have an idea what I`m doing wrong!?

The WinQueue Input defaults to creating a PDF from the input, but it would be receiving a Postscript file from the Printer Queue Output (if using a default PlanetPress Driver out)

Just open the properties of the input and uncheck Create PDF


I have unchecked the option Create PDF. I also tried to spool it in EMF Format. In all cases it`s the same result.

Alright, maybe it’s something goofy with your PlanetPress Printer as I’m getting the following to work without issue.

Process1: Folder Capture > Print Using a Windows Driver (PlanetPress Printer)
Process2: Winqueue Input (PlanetPress Printer, do not create PDF, as above) > Send to Folder

The end result is a PS file that Acrobat Distiller will happily convert to PDF again for me.

I’m thinking you may just want to create a new PlanetPress Printer. It sounds like yours may no longer be using a Default Configuration. Just go into the Input step, click New, and set up another one that way. Configure both the in/out to use that instead.

I have created a new PlanetPress Printer as you described but the result will be the same. If I rename the PostScript File I have created through my processes to .pdf it opens in Acrobat like a normal pdf. If I try to convert my PostScript file to PDF with distiller I get an error:

%%[ Error: undefined; OffendingCommand: obj ]%%


%%[ Flushing: rest of job (to end-of-file) will be ignored ]%%
%%[ Warning: PostScript error. No PDF file produced. ] %%

The code looks like the conversion takes the original code and just set a new header in the first line. I`m really puzzled.

It would be great if PlanetPress Connect gets more pdf conversion possibilities in the future (like color conversions, pdf-to-ps conversion and so on). We have a lot of industrial customers with special demands on creating print files.

Maybe I have to persuade our customer to install GhostScript to do such processings, but they wont be happy about that because we cant give them official support on that tool.

It would also be helpful if Connect will support own joboptions. I miss that for a long time.


I agree to you @thomasweber, if you use separate job to have grouping pdf’s, and then send in PS without using slow windows drivers and spooler, it can be useful to have a converter PDF to PS.