Copying data outside nested tables

OL Connect Designer 2023.1

Hi All

New to OL connect and need some advice . I have a solution using cloning sections , but im looking for a simpler way to solve this issue . I have a picking slip nested table and need to find a way to copy some of the fields into the master . From what I hear its more complicated due to the data flow in designer .

Each new box starts on a new page , and needs the parent [boxes] information in the master .

So below is a sample where various parts need to be in certain places on the page . Is this possible ?

I cant upload my code as I am new to the community but can supply it via PM.


I seem to be unable to have your Datamapper work.

Which of the data file included do you use for your example?
In which version of connect are you running this?

Hello @Mark.Ambrose,

Might be me that misunderstand but you already have the fields you have colored highlighted in the right place. what is it you want to achieve?

Morning ,

The method used was to create clones of a section for each pickslip box , and then bring them in as needed with scripts , but using this process creates a few unwanted difficulties.

  • The preview is not always as accurate without actually printing the job. There are not always second and third pages in the preview.

  • For the page header, information is stored in snippets and a script does the replacement handlebars and then populated . It just seems so against the concept of WYSIWYG. THis again is due to my limited/lack of understanding of OL as its only been a few months .

  • There will be many people that will support the JOB. I am starting to understand the flow and what needs to be edited to get the required output , but someone else seeing the job will probably battle to understand the flow and design methods used in the background.

I was hoping for a simpler method to be able to place nested table data on a certain page when needed without the cloning and scripting method.


You could use the copies.

In your preprocessor, since you are already reading all the lines, you could be track of how many boxes are need for the record and make a copy of the record for each boxes. This way you no longer need the detail table boxes (not as a detail table).

No more need of cloned section.

Don’t know if that is simplier to you or your collegue but it is another approach. Cloning the record instead of cloning the sections.


I would really like to investigate this option , but I’m bit quite grasping where to even start .

Could I ask for a bit more information for me to understand.