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COTG App not saving the signature

Using an older Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 (COTG v10.6.0.17112400 & Android 4.4.2) to run the Online Proof of Delivery demonstration. When I sign the signature area and press OK, the signature is not saved. If I open up documents on my iPhone with COTG and sign the signature is saved. Any ideas? I deleted and reinstalled the COTG app, but same results.

Unfortunately, Android 4.4 does not support the updated WebKit technology used by more recent versions of COTG. We elected to integrate that technology because Android 4.4 is quite old and represented (as of last year) only 0.1% of all requests being sent to our servers.

So either you upgrade your tablet, or you downgrade COTG to an older version (10.6 would probably work for you, but it would be missing many of the later improvements, obviously).

Older versions of COTG can be downloaded from this resource page

Okay, just wondering, but no worries. I knew it was a really old tablet and just using it for a demo. I talk around the signature and geo locator pieces.

FYI… system requirements page indicate “Android OS 4.0 or higher on any Android device” so it probably needs to be updated.


You are right. I will have the documentation corrected to reflect this. Thanks for pointing it out.