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COTG Image/Signature Data Usage in Template


Hello all! Hope everyone is doing well.

I have a COTG form which successfully (I think) sends data in XML format back to me. On this form, I have a spot to take a picture and put a signature. Everything seems to go as planned until I go to use the data and preview.

When I preview the template I am designing, all data shows except for my signature and the image I took and submitted. For both I followed the documentation on => http://help.objectiflune.com/EN/pres-connect-user-guide/1.6/designer/COTG/COTG.htm <= and tried to just use the signature variable as you normally would (drag and drop, as it states it should recognize and output the SVG). For the uploaded image, I put down the position box and put in the conditional code found on that page…but am still getting a red X for the image.

At this point, I’m not sure if I’ve failed to do something, or if the data that I’m receiving is not entirely correct. Any and all help would be most appreciated.


Issue resolved: For the signature, all I had to do was resize the box – I expected the signature to scale, but it did not. Reached out for documentation on how to solve this.

For the image, I was selecting the div containing the image rather than the ID of the image element. Thanks for Stepen from support for all his help!