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COTG pending submit requests


Hi. A customer using a POD solution had one of his tablets shut off multiple times throughout the day, the driver claims to have submitted the forms but the server never received that data. The tablet didn’t have access to the internet when the driver submitted the forms and his tablet rebooted for some reason we don’t know. Most probably the shutoff removed all the pending requests. Is there a setting or configuration we can use in COTG to recover the lost data? Please let me know.


Interesting question…

In theory, the data is written to the device’s permanent storage area and is removed from there after successful transmission of the data or when the document itself is deleted. So when the device is rebooted or recharged after powering down, the data should still be available to it as long as the document is still available on the device.

We happen to have a device currently whose battery is almost completely drained, so we will run some tests just to make sure. I will post the results later today or after the weekend.


I can confirm that the data is written to the device’s permanent storage. In case the device is rebooted or completely drained and recharged, COTG will recover and attempt to resend the data as soon as there is coverage. Note that it may be necessary to restart COTG after a drain/recharge cycle.


Hi Phil, thanks for looking into it. Unfortunately, it seems like this wasn’t the case for the driver. Is there anything we can do to recover the data?


I don’t believe there’s anything we can do. If the document is still on the device and it doesn’t display the capture data, then somehow it was never recorded.

If the document is no longer on the device, then it’s impossible to tell what happened from the device itself since all data is wiped clean along with its document.

If the driver claims he did submit the form, then I would examine the Workflow logs very closely to try and figure out if anything was received (perhaps an error occurred on the server while processing the request).

If the driver can provide a rough estimate of when his tablet rebooted and came back into signal range, that could give you a clue as to where to look in the logs.


Thanks for the info Phil, I totally forgot to reply but your answers were very useful. Cheers