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COTG: Reseller Installation. How do we set up an installation to be able to test COTG Document Receipt and Submit


I am trying to test a COTG configuration which needs to be developed for use on a specific handheld device. Due to the restrictions in place on the Re-seller licence which stops me being able to retrieve a form from a non local address I am unable to test anything further than publishing a form. Can anyone suggest or has found a way to be able to fully test a development scenario across multiple IP addresses on this restrictive license model?.

This seems to be an odd restriction for a system that is designed to be used across multiple devices???

In this instance I am using the latest versions of Connect and Workflow and have them hosted on a Windows Server 2012 Virtual Machine.



This is an intended restriction on all reseller licenses. You may want to get in contact with your account manager to explore ways to get a temporary user license.