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Create a JPG from template

Hi ereryone,

Here is the situation :

  • I create a workflow that capture a print in format .ps, work.
  • I create a data mapper on that .ps file to extract some fields, work.
  • I create a template that use this data mapper to add a QR code on the .ps, work

All those working fine, now the thing that I want to do is :

  • Create a Capture On The GO template from this template to add a signature zone.

I don’t want to create a html document, I just want to add a signature zone on my template create before, it is a print template.

I’m a little bit new in OL and COTG.

Thanks in advance

If I understand correctly, you want to generate a PDF, then use that PDF as a background for a COTG form in which you will add a signature field?

Exactly, more better is that ducument can be annotate anywhere and can be sign anywhere ! If possible of course.but the signature zone can be also a good start and yes use the PDF as background.

Well you could add as a dynamic image your previously created PDF in your COTG Template. Then add you form, absolute positioning, and add you signature field.

Not sure as to what you mean by annotate anywhere…if you mean as in a PDF open in Adobe, then that could be done but would require a lot of scripting.

If you mean annotate previously done in Adobe and used as an image in your form, that would need to be tried.

Thanks, I’ll do some test with your indication. For the annotate, maybe will just wait, the signature will be great for the Demo.

I’ll let you know if I have some trouble

Thanks again for the information and your time.

I uesd the Template Wizard, choose the COTG blank one, after that I could not find the way to add my PDF document as a background ? Could someone can point me in the right direction ? Do I need to clear all the form and add image ?


Yes, you add it as an image…you can’t add it as a background as in a Print Context.

OK, I found how to do that. It’s work perfect, I put it in absolute and add also a signature in absolute. It’s doing the job !! Thanks many times. Now How can be dynamic with my Workflow. I want that image is the pdf just create before that I placed in a specific folder ?

  1. Go on the Outline tab of your Template.
  2. Right-click on the img tag, which is your PDF (Make sure you are also on your Design tab…not Preview or Live)
  3. Select Dynamic image…
  4. There you can set the PDF to show to be dynamically called.