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Create an additional area in preview pane of OL Connect Send

When a client clicks print and it comes through to the Job Information page they select an envelope type C5 or DL and a coloured window area displays in the preview pane alerting the user where the address information needs to be placed.

What I need help with is to create an additional area or image to alert the client where we will be printing an AIMs barcode which will be used for matching on our Neopost Inserting Machines. This area/image need to be displayed in the preview pane but not on the output documents as the workflow generates all the correct barcodes when submitted.

Any help would be greatly appreciated - New to PreS and Connect Send.

Maybe other members will be able to shed some light on this, or provided code example, but it looks like you are trying to modify the demo from the OL Connect Send, found on our demos webpage.

If that is the case, I suggest you contact your OL Reseller. He will be able to discuss a possible solution through our Professional Services Team.