Create Email Content - Attachment name

Is there a way to control the attachment name - when it is send with the Create Email Content plugin ?

Looks like attachment pdf is named after the [Email fields] -> Subject field under the Email contexts
But it is also writing [PlanetPRESS] before the pdf filename and in the Subject - where is that name coming from ?

Under Preferences in Designer -> Email -> General -> There is a name, but it does not seem to used


We work this out in the Designer

Great then the attachment name is stipped from [PlanetPRESS]
merge.template.contexts.PRINT.sections[‘Invoice’].part = "Invoice number " + record.fields.InvNumber;

But how do I remove it from the subject filed also ?

Not sure, depents on your license I guess. And if you send the mail via Workflow?

I’m running on a NFR license.
The email is send via the workflow.
If I send it via the designer [PlanetPRESS] is replaced with [Test]

In the Create Email Content plugin there is a tab Email info with a checkbox (test mode)