Create file in folder based on metadata

I have an invoice document that emails a PDF and then writes the PDF to a directory. I use output creation to put the PDF file in the directory. Currently all documents go to the same folder. I have metadata for an account name and I would like to put the file into folders by account name ideally via FTP output in workflow, but alternatively I could do it with folder output and then FTP upload the folders. I can get the metadata into the workflow but I can’t find a way to set the path using a variable. How can this be done?

For example if an account number is 4339 the file will be uploaded to \4339\invoice.pdf

Hi Quentinc,

In the FTP Output or Send to Folder plugins you simply right click and select Get Metadata Location. Or you could use the Change Emulation plugin, set it to PDF and select Get Data Location to grab the account name from the PDF itself.



That did it. thank you. I selected the Variables option and chose my variable and that worked.

Glad I could help!