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Create multiple pages where each page has 1 detail record


I have a XML with a list of orders and I want to create a page for each order.
Since a details table iterates over each order I figured I just place the whole page layout in the

of the table.
This does work as long as everything fits on 1 page otherwise the designer shows the page in red and extra empty pages are created. And I am unable to index in each of my javascript functions to point to the correct order. For some reason it always picks the first order. So essentially it duplicates everything on the page for all orders.

So in my design I have something like:

<table id="FullPageTbl" class="tableStyle" data-column-resize="" data-hide-when-empty="" data-detail="ORDER" style="width: 100%;" title="ORDER">
        <tr class="tableDataRow breakoneachrec" data-breakable="1" data-repeat="">
            <td class="tableDataCol" style="width: 100%;">
			And here I have all my page data


Is there a way to acomplish what I want?

The red hash lines indicates it has failed to paginate. In other words, the smallest element it can split at is too large for a single page.

The only reason I can think for this is that you’ve got a full ‘page’ worth of content in each of your

elements. The pagination can’t happen in the middle of a element, however. It happens between them.

I think I’d really need to see the data to be able to recommend a viable way to proceed. I’d suggest opening a support ticket so we can look at it with you. Or, if you have some dummy/sample data that can be shared here, I could take a quick look.

Are the orders individual data records or did you extract the data to detail data in a single record? Without seeing sample data I would suggest to create a data record per order and use a script to append the data to the body of the section.