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Create Output doc not inheriting folder permissions

We have created a workflow in PP Connect where it picks up a print stream from LPD and prints but also sends a pdf to a local folder using the create output component. When the doc gets sent to the folder, it isn’t inheriting permissions from the folder, instead the user account running the Connect service is the only one give rights to view the document at all. We can’t find any setting within Connect or Workflow that will change this behavior.

As a workaround, we then created another process that simply watches that folder, picks up new docs and moves them to another folder. When it arrives in the new folder, it DOES inherit the permissions as expected despite no changes being made to any sort of doc/folder permissions.

There seems to be some sort of bug or a setting we are missing. Does anyone know how to deal with this issue?


yes, confirmed, if Connect’s “Create Output” directly is creating a file in a folder (as defined by Output Preset), the file gets the permission of the Connect Service and it is ignoring the folder permissions.

Not sure if this is normal behaviour, but when moving a file by “Send To Folder” it’s a different procedure as the file isn’t created but just moved.

You could also workaround by changing Connect’s “Create Output” from “As defined by Output Preset” to “Through Workflow” and let the file being moved to its destination by a following “Send to Folder” task (that way you don’t need an additional process).

I’m facing the same problem. We have several ad hoc jobs that we print directly from designer, with “Output Creation Settings” to print in Directory.

I noticed that if we select advanced options in the printing dialog and then enable “Output local”, the permissions problem is solved.
Although with two drawbacks: (a) the file gets no date and (b) the “output local” option can’t be set in the output creation settings.
(Somehow it creates the datamatrix with much better analysis, though)

Since the original post was 3 years ago, I wanted to ask if there is something we can do to create PDFs with the right permissions, inherited from the parent folder.