Create print content plugin taking too much time

I have designed the workflow with datamapper, create print content, job preset and output preset plugins.
while debugging the create print content plugin taking too much time than usual, i.e. around 45-50 mins. the size of the template is 965 KB, with two sections. when generating print proofs from designer it is working fine, but when running through workflow, it takes time, even for few records.

There is no error occurred while executing the print content plugin. what could be the possible reason of slowing down the process here?

Can you share an anonymous version of your project so we can test it?
if it can anonymized, you can DM me and will exchane email information.

If you can anonymized it, make sure you can reproduce the “too much time”" behavior with it.

The screen shot you provided shows that the Create Print Content task is set to update the data records prior to actually generating the content. That’s not something you can do from the Designer when generating proof prints. Therefore you can’t compare the performance of the two operations.

Updating data records can take a while (especially in this case, it appears that several thousand records are being updated).

Hello @Phil,
We are using Update data records before the create print content plugin, is that affecting the create
print content plugin and It is not showing any error while debugging but it is taking time. If update data records affecting create print content, do you have any suggestion? or if we take the another branch where we can use retrieve items and then we use create print content will it works?

Well you could separate the operations, in order to have a better idea which one is consuming the most time.
So you could use the Update Data Records task immediately before the Create Print Content task but that is not going to make things go faster, it will simply tell you how much time is spent updating the data records and how much time is spent actually creating the content.

When you say that when using Proof Print from the Designer it works fine, what does it mean? How much time does it take to create a file with the same number of records?

Hello @Phil,
I’ve Checked with the print proof, still it is taking too much time.
also I’ve tried one more logic i.e.
after update data records I’ve taken the separate branch for the create print content where I’ve retrieved items first, but still it is taking too much time. do you have any suggestions?

You didn’t answer the question.

How much time does it take with Proof Print?
How much time does it take Workflow?

You can’t compare two different jobs.

Since you can’t update data record from a proof print therefore it stands to reason that you must be doing something to the data that you are not doing in your Proof Print. Hence 2 different jobs.

You can’t compare both.

What transformation/addition are you doing to your data and why? Maybe that can be improved.

for Proof Print it is taking around 1.30 hr and for workflow it takes 1.10 hr in that the create print content is taking 50 min.

I’m modifying the data first then Updating the data and create print content plugin, modifying and updating data is not taking that much time but the thing is create print content plugin is taking too much time. Is it because of the large no. of records that we have updated?

Modify data>Update Record>Print content , this is the flow. so how Update Record is affecting the Create Print content plugin is what I am not able to understand. this plugin behavior normal in this case? if so, how can improve this performance for 40k+ records?