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Create print section and media dynamically with dynamic page size


another great feature would be the possibility to create print sections and the matching medium with an individual size.


  • I have a PDF datamapper configuration where the input PDFs can have different sizes (also in special formats). I can already determine the dimensions via script. Based on these dimensions I want to create a suitable print section and place the datamapper pdf as background.
  • I have a data field in which the dimensions for a component are specified. Also positions, sizes and contents of the frames to be placed are given in data fields. Based on the dimensions, I want to create a suitable print section. Per script I then create the individual content frames on the new print section.


Hi Thomas,

You can use a Control Script like the following when you’ve access to the width and height values of a DATAMAPPER_PDF by a record field value:

var field = "";

field = record.fields["dimensions"]; //"10in;10in"

if (field != "") {
	var dimensions = field.split(";");
	var width = (dimensions.length > 0 ? dimensions[0] : "");
	var height = (dimensions.length > 1 ? dimensions[1] : "");
	if (width != "" && height != "") {
		var printSection = merge.template.contexts.PRINT.sections["sectionName"];
		printSection.width = width;
		printSection.height = height;

Please search for ‘height, width’ on the documentation page ‘Control Scripts - PlanetPress Connect 2020.2 User Guide (link)’, because there is a note about using the width and height values.

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Hi Marten,

thank you for your feedback. That was my mistake. I have tried it only in version 2020.1, because all our project customers still use the old version.

Sometimes it helps to read the release notes more carefully. :see_no_evil:


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