Creating a dynamic table

I started learning Connect by creating a data mapper from a PDF but now my employer is asking me to work with a CSV instead. I created a model from the CSV and now I’d like to use that model to create a template in Designer. It’s been a little while since I worked with Connect and I can’t figure out why I’m not able to create a dynamic table to use with my model. The button is greyed out on my tool bar.


Most likely because you do not have a detail table in your data model:

… or you are trying to add it to a master page, which is not supported.

From the online help:

Dynamic Tables are only available if the loaded record set or data mapping configuration contains transactional data in one or more detail tables (see Loading data).
Depending on the data, a Dynamic Table can also contain data from nested detail tables.

Note: Dynamic Tables cannot be used on a Master Page (see Master Pages).

Thanks guys, I think I forgot about the detail table.

Actually, I think my model does have a detail table. That’s what this is, right? It seems all I have is a detail table.


No, it doesn’t. The image as shown on top of this help webpage shows an detail table, i.e. the detail table “Products”.

Tip: Please check the webpage Detail Tables - OL Connect 2023.2 Help for more information about detail tables.

Ok, think I’ve got it now. Thanks again.

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