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Creating a report per value in a metadata value


I have a job where I have multiple clients data processing at the same time. The meta data contains the client name and I want to create a report per client with the number of packs\pages. What’s the best way of doing this? Was thinking of using a PDF splitter to split by the client name, but the data could be mixed up and I can’t see anything where I could sort the data?



You could use the Metadata plugins to sort your Metadata. Once it is in the order your want it, then you could convert it to a CSV file and use that to build your report.

  1. Build your Metadata
  2. Sort it using Metadata Sorter plugin
  3. Loop through your Metadata using the Process Logic->Loop plugin
    In this one your would loop for each of your record.
  4. Using the Create File plugin, generate a new file that holds each of the Metadata record’s value you want in your CSV output.
  5. Output that to a fix name file with the concatenation option turned on.

At the end, you weill have a CSV file with all the infos you desire and use this to build your report.

cheers will take a look


This would create 1 file for everything, but I’m ideally wanting to group the metadata by client (MetaData Value) and then create a file per group. I was looking at the “MetaData Level Creation” but couldn’t figure out how to get this to work

In that case, add the Metadata Sequencer plugin between step 2 and 3. This one acts as a loop as well and will split your metadata on customer change. Then the second loop would go through all records for a customer and make a file from it, simply name the file based on the customer name or code.

thanks will give that a go