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Creating a sub-table from one line of data

Hey all,

I have a problem where I require i dynamic table in designer based on a single row of data.

I have tried to use a repeat loop that would go over each field needed for each individual sub-table to no avail.

I have also tried to manually insert information via a script to the sub-table but i cannot create any more entries apart from the initial record.tables.sub_table_name[0].

record.tables.sub_table_name[0].fields[‘field’] = ‘data’;
record.tables.sub_table_name[1].fields[‘field’] = ‘data2’;

Problem above is record.tables.sub_table_name[1] is undefined. How do i define it?

Thanks in advance!

Nevermind guys, i seem to have found the answer.

For any other lost souls:

Looks like link is no longer valid.