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Creating Dynamic Tabel with JavaScript

I have a table which has diffrent number of columns and I want to create the table with a script. But when I have to many rows the papeoverflow didn’t work well.

I had a standard tabel and filled the body with a script. But as I explained it wasn’t working.

How can I fix it?

Hi Eddy,

when creating the table by a script, you need to manage also the paperoverflow and create a new table for the next page.

With a standard table, Connect creates a new table with the same ID for the next page.

I hope this will help you.

My question changed, so I open a new chat.


Yes this is what I am wanting to do as well. Can you point us to any documentation to create dynamic table from script as my dynamic table has some custom aspects to it.

Thank you.

Hello edanting,

This can be achieved by adding the data-breakble attribute to your <tr> elements.

Could you elaborate on the custom aspects of your dynamic table? There are many ways to customize the data and the appearance, perhaps it is a matter of just creating a script for the custom aspect.


Hi Erik,

I think I figured it out. Cause I have a requirement for a transaction table where , certain value must exist from other fields of a multiline data file and also must matched against a certain column in another row to display specific texts or even additional row.

I just have to hand code the actual

in my javascript traversing data rows , mapped by the data mapper.

:slight_smile: Thank your for that info for the data-breakable in the