Creating Email templates and sending in Connect

Hello - I am looking to learn about the email functionality in Connect. Is there any helpful information out there? I have looked for some help but am unable to find anything helpful. Any links or documents would be great.

Thank You

Of course! the Designer module in the Learn website has all the details you need, including an “Email Context” section. Should be enough to help you started!


Hi, this points to a 404-page. I am looking for information about how I choose which email section to be used within PlanetPress Connect, when I am using the “Create Email Content” in PlanetPress Workflow. In the workflow i can choose on of the sections but I want to choose the template dynamically with a control script in PlanetPress Connect. Is that possible or not?

I reported the dead link to our documentation department.

In both case (either in a control script in Connect or in a regular script in Workflow) you will get similar result. It depends on where it is easier for you to generate a script based on the values you will condition on.

To do it in Connect, please refer on the Control Script documentation.

In Workflow, setting up a script using the Run Script plugin could be another way of doing it. In this script you would setup which section to use either in a variable or a jobInfo, and applied the content of that variable in the field Section of the Create Email Content plugin. You will notice that the field Section is in maroon (red wine colour) which means it is editable.