Creating PDF & JDF files using PP Connect suite

I was ask a question by a resellers, the resellers is seeling a software: Print Director.

The software need 2 files: PDF for the content and JDF file to specify finishing options to be applied to the PDF. The benefit using is the JDF (Job Definiton File) is not device dependant so the Print Director can send the job to any printer. The question is the following: can PP Suite connect output PDF & JDF files?

Hi Frank,

Since we have Output Presets that can define jobs being sent to different printer types, along with job presets that define finising options that are device-independant, as well as automation that can automatically (depending on conditions) redirect a pring job (content set) to a different printer using different job presets and output presets for each printer, I would say that our software does, indeed, do pretty much what Print Director does (from your description).

So essentially what I’m saying is, using PlanetPress Connect and Workflow, it becomes (unfortunately for your reseller) wholly redundant to use something else that can do exactly what we do… and, ahem, probably better (but that’s pride speaking I guess).

… and the short answer is: neither PPSuite nor OL Connect (since there is no such thing as PP Suite Connect) can currently generate JDF files. That functionality is on our long-term roadmap for Connect, but it has not been specifically scheduled yet.

Apologies for the necromancy, but has this been looked into since?

No it hasn’t. The fact that very few users have requested the functionality over the years, coupled with the the size of the project (JDF is a beast!), has pushed the functionality down in our list of priorities.

Fair enough, wanted to double check before investing time into this in case the feature was coming soon. Thanks for letting me know.