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Current Job Monitor

Is there any way to see that are the current jobs being processed by the workflow and their current progress?

I am looking for a dashboard to tell me what is being currently processed and an estimate of it’s percent complete or at least how long the job has been running.



The current behaviour of Workflow is to display the logs after the process is finished. Otherwise, we would be looking at a lot of access disk.

You could setup branches throughout your process that output to a folder something your have created using the Create File plugin. Using concatenation, your could update the file created.

With another process, you could look at that file and see what is going one and when.

Is there any visual representation as to how many jobs have completed and their status. By status I mean completed successful vs. errored out?

That would be the Workflow Console.

Although you could set you up your own dashboard. Look at the Ad Hoc Mail Consolidation demo.

I am trying to achieve this using the REST API examples.

I launched a job and then went to this url on my server:


This is the output I saw even though the job should have been in progress:

Any suggestions?

Did you get an operationId in the response headers of your initial call?