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Customize slip sheet

Hello to everyone!

I need to customize the slip sheet which needs to be added at the end of each separation.
I’m trying to do it using sections and control scripts but I don’t have luck.

I also found this post, but the link is not working:

Is this possible to do from designer template, or I should add these slip sheet as records on my CSV list in order to do this?

Thank you very much!

I would suggest to create a section called “slipsheet” and use a control script to enable/disable its visibility. Make sure this is the first entry in the list of sections of the Print context. The following control script will show the respective section for every 10th record.

var printSections = merge.template.contexts.PRINT.sections;
printSections .slipsheet.enabled = false;

if ( record.index % 10 === 1 ) {
	printSections .slipsheet.enabled = true;

Alternatively use the Slip sheet feature in your Output preset (although this cannot be customized).

Hope this helps,


slipsheet.OL-template (8.3 KB)

Hi Erik!

Thank you very much for your response, I really appreciate your help.

I tried this, but I need the slip sheet to be the whole page, and I have this output configuration:

So I have multiple records on the same page.
Is there a way to make this section to use a full page instead of a part of the page?

Thank you very much again!

Hi Sgoifo,

Unfortunately the proposed method does not work in conjunction with impositioning. Believe the only way to achieve this is by doing a second pass (admittedly I’m not a print output expert, so others may correct me… and please do ;).

Step 1, impositioned output
Create impositioned (but no seperations) output for your document. There is no need to add a slipsheet section as proposed in previews replies (and no need for a Control Script). Set the Stack Depth in the Imposition settings of the Print Wizard to the number of sheets for each stack. We use this information to insert a slipsheet in the steps below. Generate your impositioned output (in my case simplex pages in PDF format).

Step 2, map impositioned output
Create a new DataMapper based on the impositioned output (File > New Data Mapping Configuration > Files > PDF). Browse for the file and click Next. A new DM config appears.

Locate the Settings pane and set the ‘Number of pages’ for the On Page boundaries to the stack depth defined in step 1. When generating duplex output you will need to double the value. This creates a new data set where each record contains PDF images for the pages in the stack.

Step 3, create template for second pass
Create a new print template using the page size of the impositioned sheet. Set the Background Image of Section to the PDF DataMapper input.


This automatically generates pages in your section, one page for each sheet side in your data record (in other words; the number of pages you defined in the On Page boundaries).

Step 4, add slipsheet section
Add a new section to the print template, this will be your slipsheet. There is no need to create a Control Script. Place the section before or after Section 1 depending on where you want the slipsheet to appear.

In my case I added an absolute position box and added some dummy info like the stack index and a timestamp. Generate output using separations and set the output split level to 1 document (e.g. per stack).

I ran some local tests and it seemed to do the trick. Attached my test files. I used a simple counter as my data (File > Add Data > Generate Counters), the Stack Depth was set to 10 and the output is simplex.

Hope this is of some help.


output-with-slipsheet.pdf (82.9 KB) slipsheet.pdf (70.5 KB)
slipsheet-2nd-pass.OL-template (8.4 KB)slipsheet-2nd-pass.OL-datamapper (20.2 KB)

Wow Erik,

Thank you very much for all the detailed information and all the effort! I think this will work, I’ll take a look at your files, replicate it in my template, and let you know how it went!

Thank you very much again!