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Dashboards and PlanetPress connect


Hope you are all okay and well.

I am just shouting out to see how many of you use a form of dashboard intergration with PlanetPress Connect designer/workflows. This is for reporting purposes or are they customly build to your needs. Just worndering if there is something out there I can look at and take some inspiration on.

Thanks in advance for taking your time to reply.

Seems that we have an empty silence from the community on this topic, strangely odd?

In my company I am actively working on something on the subject, both for reporting and integration with other systems we have for billing etc.

You can take a look at the good work done here How to output report file based on record pages? and take inspiration on the use of APIs.

The hardest part I am facing is getting a solid hold of the concepts and flow of the jobs in the Connect Server. Also the API could be bettere documented\a Postman\Swagger\etc profile could be provided to kickstart development.

I’m slowly building my own Postman Connect Workspace and I might release it later on.

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Thank you @Maxiride, please do share. I had something similar in mind but could not get my head arround it. Was wondering if anyone has ever tried this.

There are some tutorials about authentication but don’t seem to work at all and there is some issues with the script which was posted. I wish there was a download with the whole scripts in here (https://help.objectiflune.com/en/planetpress-connect-rest-api-cookbook/2021.1/#Cookbook/Working_Examples/Server_Security_&_Authentication/Authenticating_with_the_Server.htm?TocPath=Working%20Examples%7CServer%20Security%20%26%20Authentication%7C_____1)

As mentioned at the bottom here you can access the cookbook source via http://localhost:9340/serverengine/html/cookbook/index.html

The files are in “plugins\com.objectiflune.serverengine.rest.gui_(version)\www” under the installation folder.