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Data Mapper won't load sample data file

ERROR [18 Mar 2021 09:26:06,459][main] com.objectiflune.datamining.ui.model.DataMiningModel.c(DataMiningModel.java:-1)[COMPONENT=Data Mapping][SOURCE=Internal] Error initializing engine: Error creating copy of Data File “C:\Users\tdgreer\Documents\Architecture\SampleData.csv”. Transaction failed (COR000918) (DME000056) (Dm_1108)

What is the cause of this error, and how do I resolve?

Hi TDGreer,

If your still having difficulty with this I’d advise, as a first step, checking that the user connect is using has sufficient rights to access the file and copy it. If that is OK then I’d check that the file isn’t being held open by another program (for example whatever put it in the folder) as a second step.

If you are still having difficulty with it after confirming those details please contact you local support team.