Data Matrix barcode disappears through the Workflow

Hi, at the moment we are experiencing an issue with the Workflow. We have a Data Matrix barcode that is being populated with a field. In the designer, the barcode is perfectly visible, and when I print from the designer, it appears fine as well. However, when I print via the workflow, the entire barcode disappears. If I populate the field with other barcode data, it works fine via the Workflow…

Can you try with the exact data file you used in your Design tool to test as a LIVE document in your Workflow?

uhh do you mean like debug?

In debug yes but better to test it as a live document. If the data doesn’t come from a folder capture, simply add on at the beginning of your process and drop your test file in the corresponding folder.

Ahh yes I already tested it live, doesn’t work. It works manually through the designer + datamapper. But the whole point is that we want it done through the workflow haha, everything comes out sort of great except that on all my PDF pages the Data Matrix disappears…

I see two possibilities:

  1. There is a data manipulation, in your Workflow process, between the time you receive the data and the time it is added to your Datamapper.
  2. The version of the Datamapper/Template you are using in your Design tool isn’t the same as the one in Workflow.

If it isn’t any of this, I suggest you open a technical support ticket through our website.

Turns out it was in a ANSI converter that someone made for the workflow. Thank you for you help!! Your suggesting put us on the right path haha