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Datamapper does'nt return date correctly in workflow metadata


I do a simple process of extract meta data with datamapper and I would like read date but unfortunately datamapper return a wrong date in metadata.

Follow the what I do :

PDF document contain the date :


Extract the date by extraction step

The result in the data model sound like good :


Send the datamapper configuration and execute it .



And then read the result into the workflow metadata file :


What’s happen ? The date is not the same.

I don’t unerstand.

Could 'you help me please.


After some tests, the date stay correct inside the connect process. she’s modified only if we ask to datamapper to output her to metadata.


My guess is that since you have converted your text date to a date object in Connect, when you output it ot your metadada, it converts it based on your TimeZone, hence a day before at 22:00 (10 pm).
I do not think this is hte proper behaviour so if it happens again, please open a ticket to our support so they can reproduce it and ask R&D to check into it.

Thank’s for your ansmer, I try to change the timezone of my server to GMT and have the the same result.


I receive an answer from suppport.
Dates are store in UTC timezone into the Datamapper storage, when he export them to metadata file they stay in UTC.

I’ll try to wrote a JScript funtion to do the conversion and publish here in case of success.


Convert UTC metadata to locale date:

var UTCToLocale=function(e){var a=Date.parse(e),t=new Date;return new Date(a-1e3*t.getTimezoneOffset())};