DataMapper encoding issue - AS400/IBM i/DB2

Hey all,

I already have a ticket in about this issue, but I figured it couldn’t hurt to reach out to the community here as well to see if anyone had any insight.

Essentially, we’re on PlanetPress Connect version 2020.2 - and within the datamapper, I’m using a simple SQL query to pull data from an AS400/IBM i machine. Unfortunately, there appears to be an encoding issue - when the data gets pulled down into the previewer/tabular viewer, the character field values are all gibberish. I’ve tried basically every encoding scheme in the drop down with the same result. I’m using an official IBM ODBC driver (i Access)

Just wondering if any of you use AS400/IBM i machines as a backend database (db2) to pull from in PlanetPress and if so, if you’ve experienced similar issues.


You could try to use the Database Query plugin in Workflow to get a sample of the data you want and then see what can be do.

Maybe that could as well be your workaround should it need be modifed/translated to another encoding using the Translator plugin.

Using the Database Query plugin alows you to output your data in XML, CSV or others.