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Datamapper script execution()

I try to use a Datamapper the execute() function in an action step. I want to execute a cmd action and it worked one time but now I only get com.objectiflune.datamining.scripting.utils.ExternalProgram@719b02c3 as logger.info output in messages pane.

If I copy that log message I will get the following:

INFO [18 Nov 2022 09:19:38,125][main] com.objectiflune.scripting.engine.OLErrorReporter.processLogMessage(OLErrorReporter.java:-1)[COMPONENT=Skript-Logger][SOURCE= - Zeile 35] com.objectiflune.datamining.scripting.utils.ExternalProgram@8a47362

Example script:

if(record.index == 1){
  var myCommand = 'net use A:';
  var cmdResponse = execute(myCommand);

I also wonder why every script is executed twice…

Any advice how to use the execute() function correctly in a Datamapper action step would be great! :slight_smile: