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Datamapper split on change

Hi there,

I’m not really having any success defining my record boundaries in a data mapper config.


I’m trying define it as Trigger On text & Operator : on changes

Is this sort of split possible?

Hi there,

I’ve seemed to have worked it out.

I think I was approaching this from the wrong way.


Hello @MichaelEngstrom,

I think that you may want to check the settings again. The reason I think this is, is because I assume that you would like to split the data into records based on the changing value in the first column and not based on the changing value in the second column, am I correct?

Can you let us know please what kind of data sample file you’re using? Is it a text file or a CSV file, for example?

@Marten I did try that method but I couldn’t get it to work. As it seemed to me I need to do this in the Input Data section and there is no option to search on a value change in that section. Or are there other setting that I am missing?

I’m using a text file as my input and I know that the 1Annual line is the header of each record. 2Annual are the transaction lines(variable qty’s), 3Annual a Totals and PAnnual a kind of footer line

Hello @MichaelEngstrom,

Can you please check the option Cut on number of lines and change it’s value from 66 to 1 and let us know if you were able to solve the issue you’re currently facing after applying these changes?

Hi @Marten ,

That’s what I was looking for. That now works on text change.

Thanks for your help.


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