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Datamapper step into/through

Would it be possible for datamapper to have a step into/step through feature like the workflow has at any point? Or does it have one, and I’m missing it?

With most of my time on PDF objects spent on debugging, that feature would allow the ability to really dig into what’s going on in processes. (for instance, why lines get skipped on analysis, what each line is being compared for, etc.). Any recommendations of features already in the program appreciated!

Have you look at our OLLearn videos on the subject?

Yes, and I’ll go through again to verify, but I don’t believe I saw the step into/through feature as mentioned. I’m looking for the equivalent of setting break points for debugging.

There is no such things in the Designer…yet. Unfortunately, I do not know if it is in plan to do so.

However, when you click on specific step (like repeat or condition) you can see in the margin on the panel, arrow and loop that shows which line or region is true for each.

Adding on to what hamelj is saying, it’s also very helpful to make use of the logger object to get some extra details into your message log. http://help.objectiflune.com/en/planetpress-connect-user-guide/2018.1/#designer/API/logger_Object.htm

This can be a very powerful and oft overlooked tool when debugging a complicated datamapper.

Furthermore, using the Verify All Records button in the toolbar can be handy for tracking down logical errors in your datamapping. It will report to you exactly which records fail and why. Then, selecting that record, you’ll see the exact step highlighted in red that’s erroring out.

Note, that the step that’s highlighted may not be the cause of the error, it’s just the one that fails as a result of a logical error further up the chain. For example, you may have a repeat step that errors because there’s a goto in the repeat that causes you to skip beyond the text to be evaluated for your end condition. So while this won’t always get you directly to the problem, it at least gets you into the ballpark.