Datamapper UI issue?

Hi Guys,

I’m having an issue when I open a line data file. The selection is a bit off and is annoyingly strange, please see below images. The data file is ANSI, and Windows (CR LF) and sometimes Unix (LF). Apart from that, the file looks structurally fine. Could it be a UI issue? Any way to fix this? My planetpress connect is running on windows 11.


Hello @james123456,

Can you please share a data sample file from which all sensitive information has been removed but by which you’re still able to reproduce this issue?

Goodmorning @Marten,

The data is sensitive, I can send it to you in private so that you can look at it?

Can you please submit a Support ticket via our Support Portal and provide us the data sample file by this Support ticket instead?

Hi @Marten,

I’ll do this now, sorry for the delay.

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