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Datamatrix Deutsche Post

we’re running datamatrix generation for digital franking with the C26X26 datamatrix barcode, output certified by Deutsche Post.

Now there’s another product “Pressepost” that needs another datamatrix, e.g. C52x52 (4 Blocks of 24x24) like this one (according to ISO/IEC 16022):


is that possible? or any external lib?

thx for any help,

Of course it is possible to create that datamatrix code. Just choose the format “C52X52”, set “Scale” to “Proportional” and uncheck “Tilde processing”.
Depending on the datafield content you have to check “Hex Input”.

That should work.

omg! I used the wrong input data :slight_smile: sure it works as expected:

sorry for questioning… and thx!

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