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Debug Facility within PReS


Is there any plans to be able to have a debug facility within Workflow for a RunScript? I know you can add watch.log in but this isn’t really ideal and means you to keep adding new watch.logs and can’t step through your code like you can with most programs? I’ve come from using GMC for the last 7 years, and used the original PReS for 10 years before that and both of these programs have the ability to step through your code and I see this as the biggest let down with this version of PReS to be honest as it makes writing code a much more longer and stressful process.


Actually, you can step through the code in Workflow. If you look in the menu you will see one that says Debug. It allows you to go step by step, then choose to run, set up break points. On the right side of the screen you have a tab, at the bottom, which is named Debug Information.

Here’s some documentation on the subject.


Sorry I wasn’t clear. I mean debug through script you create in a RunScript for example. I’ll update my original question



Unfortunately, we do not currently have plans to include debugging functionality in the Scripting task.

Add some log messages at relevant parts of the script you’re using. That should tell you what’s going on.

Watch.Log "Value of myVariable: " & myVariable, 2

You can then comment these out when you put it into production.

Example shown is VBS.
2 denotes level of severity of log message - refer here

Yeah, this bugs me too. Would like to be able to debug Run Scripts. Until then I continue to use Visual Studio. Just got to be sure not to introduce code that is incompatible with the VBScript & JavaScript Workflow uses.

yeah that works sort of, but with most coding applications you can actually debug the code a line at a time and this makes actually writing the code and finding issues much quicker and easier than having to write in lots of watch logs and trying to figure out from that.

yeah that works apart from if you are scripting using metadata from the documents then you can’t do that :(.

Adding Watch.Log in sort of helps but that ability to debug script a line at a time would save me hours of wasted time running and re-running files to try and figure out what’s going on

Yeah I can see that regarding metadata could be an issue with how I do things. But I have not needed debugging using metadata yet. If I did though, I would try saving the metadata file to disk and reading that file into Visual Studio as I build my script. But since I have not done that before it might not work as I am imagining it. Same would go for using Rest API in a script, now that would have to be done in Workflow only.

Come on OL, give us debugging in Workflow :slight_smile:

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