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Decompress files in workflow

Have a customer who have been using the plugin : “Decompress file(s)” in the workflow for years.
They recieve a zip file with x number of pdf files in.
Now the zip files have grown in size and number of files, and PlantPRESS fails.
Zip zip2
Is there a another way to unzip a workflow file --with a script maybe ?

Can’t tell if it is the number of files in the zip file og the zip size that gives the error.
If I have 15000 pdf files in the zip file and the zip file is below 4Gb it works, if I get over 4GB the workflow just throws an error.
There is nothing wrong with the “big” zip files, 7zip can easely extract them.

Take a look at this post: Zip file size limit for Decompress? - PlanetPress Connect / Workflow - OL Learn (objectiflune.com)

I will use 7 zip instead of the PP Plugin, it is working also with my 8GB files