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Delete COTG App documents from repository

When a document is deleted in the COTG repository, the document stays in the tablet and can only be deleted manually. How we can remove documents from the app library at the same time? The goal is for the driver to only see the deliveries that he needs to deliver for that day — and not be distracted with other delivery tickets in the library.


If you want to immediately delete forms from the devices once they have been submitted successfully, you willneed to specify 291 as the response code. To do this:

  • At the end of your HTTP process, store the response code in a job info

  • Then use this value in the process’ HTTP Server Input task

Hi Rod,

Thanks a lot. The forms can be re-submitted. If I apply this changes I’ll lose that feature.

Isn’t there a way to link the delete operation in the dashboard to the devices so the documents are also deleted in there?

Maybe not exactly what you’re looking for, but I had documents linked to a database then did a lookup based on a doc ID which returned whether or not the document had been submitted and ended the process if it was already submitted.