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Delete COTG documents from library

I am wanting to delete documents out of the COTG library after they have been submitted. I already have the response code “291 OK” in the custom HTTP server response. I currently need to submit the document twice in order for it to delete out of the library.
How can I get it to delete the first time I submit the document?

Hi @Bronze,

I suppose that with ‘I already have the response code “291 OK”’ you’re referring to the solution as suggested on the following web page: ‘The process that receives data from Capture OnTheGo App users’ > “Deleting a submitted form” (Capture OnTheGo 2020.1 Solution User Guide), is that correct?

P.S. Some extra information about this solution has been shared via the following forum post: ‘Delete COTG App documents from repository’

That is correct. I already saw that post and that is how I implemented my solution originally. I implemented this solution about a year ago and everything was working fine. Now, users are telling me that the documents are not clearing in the COTG app. I investigated and now the document needs to be submitted twice in the COTG app before it deletes out of the library.

I have determined that this issue is only present in the Android version of the COTG app (I tested it on multiple android devices). The PC and Apple versions of the COTG app are working properly. Do I need to create a ticket at this point, or can this be addressed by just posting here in the forum?

It is always best to create a ticket so it will be forwarded to our R&D department for troubleshooting. And it goes better for tracking purposes :wink: