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Design - Can you eliminate page break between records

I am working with a file that has multiple records in it and I am trying to output the results to as few pages as possible. The file contains detailed information for a series of checks. I break each check into a record in order to map the relevant data. Everything works great except for the page break between records on output.


Try having only a single record, and put all the check data into a detail table for that record. Then layout the detail table in your template as you see fit.

I have a single record per check, my issue is the files I receive could have the data for anywhere from 1 to a few hundred checks.

@TDGreer is suggesting you create a repeat in your DataMapper and store each check in a detail record of your master record.

Add a repeat step and then do your extract inside this loop to create record.detail.

Then in your template, simply drop a detail table and it will handle the repeat and overflow for you.

If you’re doing everything as a separate master record, you’d need to create the table in a script to dynamically build the rows for each record until records.length.

Does this help? :grinning:


I think so, I should take my existing data paper steps and wrap those all into a new repeat. Then each check will be a detail record which contains one check? Appreciate all the help, I am in the process of moving from v7 to connect and am just learning the datamapper process.