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Design7 send to Connect Workflow failing

Unless I’m missing something, when I send a pp7 to Workflow 2020, I’m not seeing the document appear in my watch config.

We’re starting our migration from PP Suite7 to OL Connect like a lot of people out there.

I don’t remember what order things were installed on the server, and I was not aware of best practices to install design on a separate VM.

My workaround is to use the file save from the send to workflow menu, choose ptk format, and replace the document in the Workflow programdata location. Maybe that’s the only way to do this?

Thanks in advance.

When Workflow and PP Designer are on the same machine, your workaround is actually the proper way to do things.

PP Designer uses PP Messenger 7 to send documents to Workflow, and Workflow uses PP Messenger 8 to receive them. But PP Messenger 7 and 8 cannot run simultaneously on the same machine. So it’s as if PP Designer 7 and Connect Workflow can’t see each other.

If your Designer and Workflow are on separate machines, then it all works properly.

Makes total sense. I did see the second messenger service running on that server. Fortunately Design7 is on my dev server so the workaround shouldn’t be an issue there.

I tried stopping Messenter 8 and start 7 on the server. My production was not having any of that. This is where I wish one could connect to Workflow from a workstation outside of the subnet of the Workflow server.

Thanks for the info, Phil.