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Designer and workflow versions compatibility


I have a question regarding the compatibility of the connect modules. I made a datamapper configuration and a template using the designer v2022.1.2 and when I try to execute the data mapper in the workflow (v2021.2.1) I get the “W3001: Error while executing plugin: HTTP/1.1 500 Internal Server Error - An unspecified error occurred which was caused by LoggedApplicationExeption: There was an error loading the data mapping configuration file cause by NullPointerException: (SRV000017) (SRV000012) (SRV000001)”
Is this error related to the versions incompatibility as I suspect, or is this something else?
The data mapper works good in the designer and all the records from the sample data file are valid.

Thank you in advance!

The issue is very likely caused by trying to run a newer configuration with an older version of the software.

You should try opening your datamapper configuration in 2022.1.2, then selecting the File | Save a copy … menu option. This will allow you to select a target version for the configuration format. Select 2021.2 and press OK.

Note that this may cause some loss of functionality if the configuration uses features that were introduced after 2021.2.

Thank you! I will test it to check if this was indeed the problem.