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Designer - Table and Groups Collapse/Expand

When dealing with a large data model it would be nice if the collapse/expand state remained constant. In version 2021.1 the state is not preserved and auto-expands. With the large data model it would help reduce the amount for scrolling.

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Hi @UomoDelGhiaccio,

Can you let us know please if the following works fine for you?

  1. Right-click in the Data Model pane
  2. Select the option “Collapse All”

Yes, the collapse and expand contextual menu does work, but the collapsed state is not retained. For example if I add another field to an extract the entire data model expands. So constantly collapsing. When there are hundreds for fields it’s amplified. Would be nice is groups and detail tables retained the last collapsed state. I suppose if a field was added to a detail table that expanding that specific detail table would be nice.