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Designer variable turn into fixed value


Is there any way the Designer can switch a variable into a fixed value? I’m not sure if I hit something on keyboard or what ever I accidentally pressed which changed the variable to a value

From this

Into this

It is a known albeit unreproducible issue.
When it happens, you best bet is to revert back to a previously saved version.

Thanks Hamelj for confirming. I guess this should be raised as a bug. This can be a major issue if not noticed when the template had been move to production

Please open a ticket via our website

Which version of OL Connect are you running?

This happens if you copy-paste something with a variable field in preview mode.

it’s version 2022.1.5

Based on the website support, it happened before when you quickly switch from Source to Preview tab in the designer with version 2020. And it was already fixed in 2021 according to them.