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Designer won't open. I get message: Your database connection doesn't seem to be ready

It is running in services.

I have restarted the computer after installation.

I have uninstalled designer and restarted the computer

I then reinstalled designer and restarted the computer.

I cannot get Planet Press Connect Designer opened. I am on a 30 day trial, please help.

I am running windows 10 pro 64 bit. I have 6 gigs of ram and plenty of hard drive space.


Make sure your connect services are running OLConnectServer, OL Connect_MySQL, if they stop after beign restarted this should be a license issue. Please open a support cal if you need further assitance 1866-348-5836

All I see in services is OL Connect Send DBServer. I know I installed the mysql, so how can I fix this?


Are you logged with the same user that has install PlanetPress Connect?

Yes, I am. It is on my personal laptop. I am re-installing one more time. It looks like my antivirus was blocking. I will give an update after install is completed

It was my antivirus preventing the services to be ran. I am up and running. Thanks everyone for helping.

I know this is an old thread but this is the only thread on this issue and was hoping I could get some help. So I’m getting this same error. I think this has to do with moving desk locations here at work and receiving a new IP from my network. I went into Workflow and made sure my new IP address was displayed in Tools\AccessManager. I stopped and restarted the Service. I even restarted my machine but I’m still getting the error. Any ideas? Thanks

Open the Connect Server Configuration app, then select the Database Connection option. Verify that the hostname is correct then click the Test Connection button. This should tell you whether the MySQL server is accessible from your machine.

If the MySQL Server is housed on your local machine, then it may be simply that the port is blocked by your IT, so you should contact them.

Can’t find the Connect Server Configuration app. If it helps another user changed their desks also like me and their Designer opens up just fine. I’m just wondering if I need to just uninstall and reinstall the program again.

After more digging I found it and tested the connection but I’m not seeing a result from the test. I’ll look into your suggestion about the port being blocked.

Thanks for your help.

The result of the connection test appears at the top of the Window as shown in the screen captures below:



thank you for pointing that out. I got the “Existing Schema found”

Well then the connection works as expected and the database engine is running. Does the Designer launch properly now?

No…I have a tech call into technical support.

Hi Phil,

Where do I find this setting? Im in same position, I have connect designer working until I restarted my machine and get the same database connection not ready error.

Go to the Windows Start Menu, look for OL Connect Server Configuration, then click on Database Connection.

@Phil I’m trying to install designer on a different server to connect server so we don’t have the connect server config too installed?? I was told it’s possible to have the designer on a different server so I’m confused why I’m getting this

Hello @jbeal84,

I assume that this concerns the “oops! we are sorry, your database connection doesn’t seem to be ready. Do you want to retry?” message? In case this is true then I would like to recommend you to continue this conversation via this forum post.

I was told it’s possible to have the designer on a different server so I’m confused why I’m getting this

Yes, the Designer application can be installed on a environment other than the one on which the Connect Server has been installed.


This might come handy for someone experiencing the same issue.
In my case the Designer was open while windows disc clean-up was running and managed to delete some of the data mapper files from C:\Users[username]\AppData\Local\Temp.
If I recall correctly it was called “Connect.*******” so just delete any folder with similar name.
After deleting the whole folder while the Designer is closed and opening it again the error is gone.
Worth a try.