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Detail table - changing the columns to rows

Hi - I am creating a detail table and as the default the data is placed in columns. I understand that, however I am trying to get the data to go across in a row. My data is set up in a table with repeat data. See example below. Is there a way to switch the column and rows?



I would like my table to look like this -

Thank you

Hi Ahaddad,

Currently the detail tables in Connect do not support horizontal output like this. You may be able to work around this with a significant amount of custom coding if you do require that format. If so I’d advise contacting your local support team so we can work with you on a solution


Hi Ahaddad,

You can try this CSS for your table:

thead, tbody, tr { display: block; float: left; }
th, td { display: block; }

It’s not particularly friendly to the built-in tables styles however and you might need to be careful about the width!