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Detail Table Footer row only on non-last pages

The help system talks about inserting a row, then right-clicking the Row and selecting “Show”. I cannot find the “Show” option anywhere.

How do I have a detail table that says “Continued on next page” on every page but the last one?

Here’s the help page; Step 3 is what I cannot make happen, I get no “Show” option when I right-click the inserted row.

Adding a row at the bottom or the top of a Detail Table

Sometimes you’ll want to add one or more rows to the header or footer of a Detail Table: to add taxes and/or the total of the invoice to the table, for example, or to add a custom message. A header or footer row can be added to a Detail Table as follows:

  1. In the workspace, open the Design tab. Right-click the first line of the table if you want to add a header row, or the last line if you want to add a footer row.
  2. On the shortcut menu select Row > Insert below or Insert above. The new row will be added to either the header or footer.
  3. Right-click the row and choose Row > Show. Now you have the following options:
  • A header row marked as a Transport line will not appear at the very top of the table, but only on following pages if the table gets split over multiple pages. Note that only the first row that is marked as Transport line will be taken into account. To make a header row appear at the start of the table and on following pages, make sure that it is not marked as Transport line.
  • A footer row can appear before each page break (Before page break), if the table gets split over multiple pages, or only at the end of the table (At end of table), or before each page break and at the end (Always).

You can fill additional rows as usual. You could for example drag a data field to the new row (see Variable Data) or type in the cells.

UPDATE: The User Guide / Help page has an error. It says to insert a row, but actually one needs to insert a “tfoot”. Step 2 needs to be corrected, it should read:

On the shortcut menu, select Table > Insert tfoot or Table > Insert thead…

The quoted Help section describes how to add a row to an existing header/footer.
(When you insert a detail table and select to show subtotals in the header/footer, the header/footer is added automatically.)
If the table doesn’t have a header or footer yet, it needs to be added first like @TDGreer describes.
This will be added to the Help.

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