Dev/Test versus Prod License Watermarks

There are two different PlanetPress Connect license types.

  • Production License
  • Development/Test License

When generating optimized output with a Production license the page prints without a watermark. However when using a Development/Test license there is a 45 degree watermark on the page.

Is this normal or is my installation stuck in trial mode?

Just want to verify if it is necessary to have 2 Production Licenses if we want our Test Server to generate output without watermarks. For our Development server the watermarks really don’t matter.

I also saw this post and assuming that this will only work with a Production license if it is normal for a Development/Test License to display watermarks.

Is there a way in PP Connect to use “Preview” or “Print Proof” without the resulting PDF having a watermark?

You could Print via a remote Connect Server instead from PlanetPress Connect Designer. To do this:

    Click on Window > Preferences on the menu bar
    Click on Print > General > General Settings
    Enter the IP address (or host name) , username\password the remote Connect Server
    Click on Test Print Server URL to confirm connection to the remote Connect Server can be established.

To generate output without watermark, go to File Print, then click on the Advanced button and select the Output Local option.

It is quite normal for a DEV/TEST Connect licence to be watermarked.
And yes, if your setup your Workflow Connect plugins to use a Connect Server which is licensed with PRODUCTION licence, you will not have a watermark. Same for the Design tool. Although, remember that it might taxes your server performance, as both DEV/TEST and PRODUCTION will be using the same server.

I would suggest your setup only some Workflow processes, or branches, to use the PRODUCTION server licence as to only remove watermak when needed.

Thanks for the clarity and I agree that connecting to the Production license should only be used if absolutely necessary. If they need to be watermark free all the time then they will need a second Production license of their Test Server.


Is there a way to move where the watermark goes? I have a job where I need to read in PDF’s, sort by the address and output then read back in so we can then merge multiple letters for the same address into the same pack, but then the watermark text goes over the top of the text I need to extract after so it gets picked up in the extract also


Unfortunately no, the watermarks are in a static location.


So I can’t use the dev licence then for developing this application? That’s going to be a big problem really as breaks the whole dev\live environment setup that we were suggested by OL


I believe that there is a backup license available which does not have the watermark.

Otherwise in the design tool you can generate a proof copy

The backup license is not to be used for development as its purpose is to become a production server when the actual production server fails.

Should you need “special concern” with your dev/test license, please contact your reseller and he will contact our Customer Care team to see if something can be arranged.

Good to know. I don’t have any customers with a backup license. Just development and production licenses. With a development license, usually the watermark has not been a concern. If I’m generating the PDF using PlanetPress Connect, then I can simulate using the proof copy if it does. Other customer have a production license for development which would not have the watermark anyway. For backup most customers are restoring using a VMWare snapshot.


Yeah the problem is that we run all of our jobs through workflow as they are all automated jobs and it does a lot more in the workflow like creating MI feeds, work instructions and mailsorting etc, so running through proof doesn’t really allow me to test the whole process.

Most other software vendors that I’ve worked with use an image instead of actual text so this isn’t a issue… maybe that’s something to look at for future releases as I’m sure I can’t be the only one with this problem