Development Server Setup

Can I ask what people are using to develop their workflows on?

We have one production server and I’m getting nervous about creating new workflows in a live environment.

And I need to be able to test new releases of OL Connect too.

Any suggestions?

A commonly used approach is the Development, Testing, Acceptance and Production (DTAP) approach and to have a separated environment for each one of these four. The Development environment can be used to develop the workflows in this case.

A Development license is available. It is exactly the same as a production license, except that its output speed is capped at 100 pages per minute. So you can do everything you need using that license, before publishing the resources to the Production server. Obviously, with the speed limit, you can’t test the performance of your changes, for that, you would need a Test license, which is also available.

Contact your reseller or your Upland OL Customer Success Manager for more information on these licenses.

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Thank you Phil, I have booked a call with OL Customer Success Services